The lie of the “New Normal”

The new normal is not the use of a face mask or gloves, it is not window pick-up or remote working; the new normal is an old way to cope with life’s natural flow: adaptation to change. What makes it the new normal is the speed at which the adaptation must take place, FASTER ADAPTATION, that is the new normal. During thousands of years, we have been adapting and evolving. During the past centuries, we have been adapting and evolving. During the past decades, we have been adapting and evolving. During the last 3 months, we have been adapting and evolving. Change has always been constant.  Those who adapted, and understood that the “new normal” was not permanent, but temporary, were the ones who survived. The same rationale must be true today: The “new normal” has changed, only in that nowadays the adaptation period is -must be- shorter. The cognitive perception of time has always been challenged, but during the last decades the speed of cognitive adaptation to change has not been consistent with the speed of change itself. This has created a cognitive dissonance. We need to adapt faster to change to the point that we only live in the Present Moment, and the only way to achieve this is through Mindfulness (topic for another post). This is what we should all be aspiring to achieve. The “new normal” is not using a face mask when you go shopping or playing the 6 feet awkward dance when you are standing in line, the new normal MUST be a faster adaptation, resiliency.  Please, do not fall for the lie of the “new normal” and rely on the old normal: Adaptation, but faster.